Stop wearing pads or period underwear to the gym so you can jump rope with everyone. Instead, work on having the strongest core and pelvic floor in the room so you can jump rope with everyone.


Looking good in a bathing suit is only a part of the story. Feeling good in our skin is only a part of the story.
Taking care of your mind and body is the story.
Knowing how to fuel, control, strengthen, and protect our bodies can really help lead a long, happy life.

Strength in self

Break free from “Bounce Back Culture” by learning to strengthen the pelvic floor, discover how to use your core and shrink your waist in the process, and learn to love this version of yourself more than you ever have before!

Balance in self

Bridging the gap between healing after birth and getting back into a full, healthy life can be a challenge. We show you it is possible!


Who better to help you along and guide you than someone who has years of experience, is a mom, and experienced struggles during pregnancy and postpartum? Moms Fit Life will be there for you every step of the way.

"Jen has been my trainer for many years and I cannot say enough great things about her. One of the hardest parts about fitness is worrying about judgement when seeking help from professionals. Since day 1 I have always felt encouraged and fully supported. She constantly points out the progress I make and celebrates those victories along the way. She pushes you hard, but I’ve always left feeling accomplished and better for it. Sometimes you need somebody who knows you’re capable of just a little bit more than you think you are. That’s Jen!"
Ryan P.
"I have been working with Jen, as my personal trainer for about six years. The workouts she designs for me are unique and never routine or boring. She keeps me motivated and interested in working to stay fit.  A little over a year ago I broke my arm and Jen designed workouts that allowed me to continue exercising safely during my recovery.  I highly recommend her"

Brenda W.

Jen Landry


I am trying to help all moms, no matter what stage of motherhood, regain their confidence moving through life. Most moms already trust their gut, but not all moms trust their bodies. Living life without fear of leaks, pain or pelvic floor issues should be what we all strive for.

It is time to ditch what you think you know and start living more confidently!

Moms Fit Life is here for you in whatever stage of motherhood you are in.
Life during pregnancy and postpartum can be extremely taxing on your body and no one understands better than we do.

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